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B.M.P. GmbH – a GMP and ISO certified company - was founded in 1979 and is part of the B.M.P. Pharma Trading AG which went public in 2001 at the German stock market.

The main activities of B.M.P. are focused on the distribution of raw materials to the pharmaceutical, health-food and nutraceutical industries. Our strongest products are amino acids, vitamins, health-food supplements and veterinary products. For most of our products we can supply full product documentation including GMP, GMO, Kosher / Halal etc. from the manufacturer.

Thanks to our 3000 m² warehouse (including bonded warehouse and a permission to store all kind of dangerous goods and narcotics) and to our favourable position close to the Hamburg airport, we are able to react quickly to changes, service the individual needs of each client and meet demanding schedules of each individual customer by supplying just in time.

Our highly motivated and well-trained employees in combination with the long-term experience in the worldwide pharmaceutical market guarantee a reliable order processing and a complete After Sales Service including full transport documentation.

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Sodium bicarbonate
CAS: 144-55-8

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B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Bornbarch 16
22848 Norderstedt

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