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Suppliers of chemicals and chemical products can publish their company and their products on our service. The registration will be checked by our experts. After confirmation and verification your company data will be published.
  • Suppliers may register the company.
  • All products are added to the general product register.
  • The company address, phone and fax will be published on the company 'Information Page'. A short 'Company Profile' is included.
  • The homepage address including a link may be published on demand.
  • The company data and the products can be updated online using Member's Page
  • If any reader is searching for a product all suppliers will be listed.
  • The company information will be issued for the selected supplier.
  • Readers can send inquiries directly to the selected supplier
    using the inquiry form.
  • The inquiries may be answered easily using prepared forms.
  • The supplier orders the publication for one year.
  • The publication is charged depending on the number of products and the services ordered. .
  • At the end of the year the supplier will get statistical data:
    Which products have been requested how many times?
    How many readers have visited your company information page?
    We will ask you to continue the presentation for another year.

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